Portrait of Mademoiselle Isabelle Lemonnier
Manet, Edouard.
Oil on canvas. 101.8x81.5 cm
France. Circa 1879/1880
Source of Entry: formerly in the collection of Otto Krebs, Holzdorf.
Transferred from Germany after World War II

Isabelle Lemonnier, the daughter of a prominent jeweller, was one of the models whom Manet painted most often. Six of her portraits in oil and pastel are known, and also several watercolours. There was no question that Manet very much liked Isabelle Lemonnier. However, their relations did not have, nor could they have, any true depth - there was the great difference in their ages and in their places in society. Moreover, the artist was already seriously ill.

The present work is one of the two largest in the entire series. It is obvious that the head was radically redone. It is worth noting a tiny red rose with green leaves, which decorates Isabelle's dress, - a real masterpiece of still-life painting.