October, 2010


15.10.10 Sunday Shines in Its Debut, But Frame Remains the Place for Young Galleries to Profit
15.10.10 It's Friezing...
15.10.10 A guide to buying art
15.10.10 Frieze 2010: how should the art world react to the cuts?
15.10.10 Frieze art fair in pictures: Roll up, roll up!
13.10.10 Frieze Art Fair 2010 Preview
13.10.10 Egypt's Deputy Culture Minister and Ten Others Sentenced to Three Years After Van Gogh Theft
07.10.10 Museum of the Future or Fad of the Moment?: Adobe's Virtual Art Museum
07.10.10 Christie's to Sell the Collection of the late Robert Shapazian, Gagosian's Man in L.A.
07.10.10 The 2011 Venice Biennale
07.10.10 Author Says He Discovered a Michelangeo Pieta in an American Pilot's Home
07.10.10 Turner Prize shortlist 2010, Tate Britain, review
07.10.10 Turner Prize is far from picture perfect
07.10.10 Turner Prize launch greeted with protests

07.10.10 Gauguin: Maker of Myth, Tate Modern, London

07.10.10 Paris Rediscovers Monet’s Magic at Grand Palais
04.10.10 Versailles, Site of Murakami Controversy, Will Limit Contemporary Art to Its Gardens in 2011
04.10.10 In Reversal, Russia Releases Anti-Putin Art for Louvre Show
04.10.10 Christie's to Sell a $40 Million Lichtenstein, While Sotheby's Bets on a $25 Million Warhol Pop
04.10.10 British Museum's rare prints purchase offers glimpse of vanished paintings
01.10.10 Talk&events 01.10-06.10
01.10.10 Exhibitions 01.10-06.10

01.10.10 Lehman Brothers Art and Ephemera Sale Scores $2.6 Million at Christie's London

01.10.10 Art of the Deal: The Affordable Art Fair Opens in New York
01.10.10 Merchandise Mart to Debut a New Los Angeles Art Fair
01.10.10 Russia Blocks Artist's Anti-Putin Painting from Louvre Show
01.10.10 Fair Game: A Q&A With New Frieze Curator Sarah McCrory
01.10.10 With a Jury of Their Peers (“Abstract Expressionist New York” at MoMA)

01.10.10 The Spirit of Xanadu, Morphing Across Borders


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