June, 2011


17.06.11 SCOPE Basel 2011 Returns with Its Cutting Edge Contemporary Art at Historic Kasern
17.06.11 The Courtauld Gallery Presents Toulouse-Lautrec and Jane Avril: Beyond the Moulin Rouge
17.06.11 From Christian Marclay to Will Ferrell, See the Stars at the Elite (and Highly Eclectic) Bash for the Launch of Art.sy in Basel
17.06.11 A Prouve House and Naughty Porcelain Divert Collectors at Design Miami/Basel
17.06.11 The tastemakers are here
Alpha collectors with private museums to fill make their presence felt at Art Basel
18.06.11 Sales forecast: fair
Collectors with appetite for more challenging work return—but most expensive items await buyers
17.06.11 Stars of Venice Shine in Basel By CAROL VOGEL
16.06.11 Sotheby's Sale of 19th Century and Old Masters Paintings Achieves Outstanding Results
16.06.11 Sotheby's Breaks Auction Record for a Work by Stanley Spencer Twice in Same Sale
15.06.11 Europe's Economic Woes Are Forgotten Amid Brisk Sales at Art Basel
15.06.11 Starting local, going global
Art fairs are an essential opportunity for newer collectors to expand their horizons
16.06.11 The Best Booths at Art Basel 2011
16.06.11 Art world flexes its muscles
Sculptural, shiny or stripped down, it's a bulked up Art Basel
15.05.11 Confident Art Market Buzzes Ahead of Art Basel, London Sales at Christie's and Sotheby's
15.06.11 The Best Booths at Art Basel 2011
14.06.11 René Magritte: surrealism's straight man
09.06.11 The Agenda (June 8-14): See MAD's Miniature Environments, Make Friends at the Hole, and Discover Trisha Brown's "Roof Piece" Above the High Line
09.06.11 Artists Decorate Palazzos, and Vice Versa
09.06.11 Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, review
09.06.11 Did Giotto really paint the Turin Shroud? Nah
08.06.11 2011 Preview: Art Basel
08.06.11 Sotheby's in London Announces Impressionist & Modern Art Sale Highlights
08.06.11 This week's arts diary
07.06.11 ARTINFO's Rundown of the Winners of the Golden and Silver Lions at the 54th Venice Biennale
07.06.11 Top 10 art exhibitions of the week
07.06.11 The Venice Biennale's balance of power
06.06.11 Museo Fortuny's Eccentric "TRA" Show Sinks While the Future Generation Art Prize Exhibition Soars in Venice
06.06.11 "Love Is Looking at Each Person as Unique": A Q&A With French Pavilion Artist Christian Boltanski on Bringing the Disappeared Back to Life
06.06.11 Art Forum Berlin Is Kaput: The German Fair Dissolves Itself Rather Than Merge With Art Berlin Contemporary
06.06.11 Bucerius Kunst Forum in Hamburg Explores J.M.W. Turner as a Painter of Elements
06.06.11 Old Patina Encircles Fresh Art in Venice
06.06.11 Debbie Harry Warhol print to be auctioned by Sotheby's
06.06.11 The 54th Venice biennale – review



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