The Web Gallery is a virtual world of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, offering a wide collection of pictures from different artists and periods in time. It is supposed to be a free on line encyclopedia and we aim to collect all range of materials about this period in one place. Whether you are a student, an art historian, a teacher or someone who is just interested in art history, particularly this period, we hope to provide a reliable source of knowledge about artists and art movements, master pieces along with news in one place. 

The Web Gallery of Impressionists is a free and non-profit Internet resource. Our aim is to create the biggest database with all sorts of information about Impressionism and other periods of mid-end the 19th century.  It is going to include diverse types of content (digital pictures, graphic files, information from academic recourses, books). Our intention is not just provide a lot of pictures concerning that period, but  go even further and gather all sorts of data (for example make a free library). At the moment it is just a small team of people  working on it but if you want to help us and become a volunteer you are more than welcome (please see contact). Thanks for your attention and we hope you will enjoy the site.