Dallas Museum of Art, Texas


Country USA

Adress 1717 North Harwood
Dallas, Texas 75201

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Bernard, Émile

Bridge at Pont-Aven, 1891

Breton Women at Prayer, 1892

Bonnard, Pierre

The Street in Winter, 1894

Interior: The Terrasse Children, 1899

Nude, Yellow Background, c. 1924

Still Life: Cherries, c. 1942

Braque, Georges Still Life with Bottles and Glasses, 1912
Camoin, Charles Artist in Her Studio, 1905
Cassatt, Mary Sleepy Baby, c. 1910
Paul Cézanne Still Life with Carafe, Milk Can, Bowl and Orange, 1879-1880
Daumier, Honoré

Outside the Print–Seller's Shop, c. 1860-1863

Head of Pasquin, 1862-1863

Degas, Edgar

Aria after the Ballet , 1879

Ballet Dancers on the Stage , 1883

The Bathers , c. 1890-1895

Group of Dancers , c. 1895-1897

Fantin-Latour, Henri

Spring Flowers, 1863

Fall Flowers, 1863

Still Life with Vase of Hawthorn, Bowl of Cherries, Japanese Bowl, and Cup and Saucer, 1872

Flowers and Grapes, 1875

Gauguin, Paul Under the Pandanus (I Raro te Oviri), 1891

Gogh, Vincent van


River Bank in Springtime, 1887

Cafe Terrace at Night, 1888

Sheaves of Wheat, July 1890


Kandinsky, Wassily Murnau, Burggrabenstrasse 1, 1908
Liebermann , Max Swimmers, 1875–1877
Manet, Édouard

The Spanish Singer, 1861

Portrait of Isabelle Lemonnier, c. 1879

Vase of White Lilacs and Roses, 1883

Marquet, Albert

The Beach at Trouville, c. 1906

The Red Roofs, 1924

Monet, Claude

The Pont Neuf, 1871

The Seine at Lavacourt, 1880

Valle Buona, Near Bordighera, 1884

Water Lilies, 1908

Morisot, Berthe

Winter (Woman with a Muff), 1880

The Port of Nice, 1881-1882

Pissarro, Camille

The Road to Versailles, Louveciennes: Morning Frost, 1871

Apple Harvest, 1882

Peasant Woman Carrying Two Bundles of Hay (Paysanne portant deux bottes de foin), 1883

Landscape at Eragny, 1890

Place du Theatre Francais: Fog Effect, 1897

Redon, Odilon

The Port of Morgat, 1882

Flowers in a Black Vase, c. 1909-1910

Wild Flowers in a Vase, 1910

Head of a Woman

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste

Lise Sewing, 1866

M. Jules Le Coeur and Mlle. Clemence Trehot, 1867

Lise in a White Shawl, 1872

The Duck Pond, 1873

The Seine at Chatou, 1874

In the Studio (Georges Riviere and Marguerite Legrand), 1876 - 1877

Flowers, 1915-1919

Seurat, Georges

Grassy Riverbank, 1881-1882

View of Le Crotoy from Upstream, 1889

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de

Dog, 1880

Bouquet of Violets in a Vase, 1882

Prostitutes (Femmes de Maison), c. 1893-1895

Vallotton, Félix The Laundress, Blue Room, 1900