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Bazille, Jean Frédéric


Still Life with Fish, 1866


Boudin, Eugène View of Antibes at Sunset, 1893
Cassatt, Mary

Alexander J. Cassatt, c. 1880

Women Admiring a Child, 1897

In the Garden, 1903-1904

Paul Cézanne

Head of a Man, 1865

Bathers, 1880

Skull and Book Un crane; Vanitas, 1885

Madame Cezanne, c. 1886

Mont Sainte-Victoire, 1904-1906


Corot, Camille

Gathering Fruit at Mortefontaine

Young Girl with a Mandolin

Daumier, Honoré

Children Playing

Figure of a Woman and Woman with Child

Degas, Edgar

Morning Ride, c. 1866

Violinist and Young Woman Violiniste et jeune femme tenant un cahier de musique, c. 1871

Woman with a Bandage La femme au bandeau, 1872-1873

Ballet Dancer Adjusting her Costume, 1872-1873

Portrait of a Woman Mademoiselle Malot(?); Portrait de Femme, 1877

Dancers in the Green Room Danceuses au foyer , c. 1879

Schoolgirl, modelled c. 1881; cast after 1917

Jockeys on Horseback before Distant Hills Riders Before Hilly Country, 1884

Seated Nude Woman Brushing Her Hair, 1885-1908

Dancers, c. 1897

Dancers in Repose, c. 1898

Spanish Dancer, 1900

Seated Woman Wiping her Left Side Femme assise s'essuyant le cote gauche, 1900-1905

Denis, Maurice La Depeche de Toulouse, 1892
Derain, André Bay of Ciotat, c.1925
Dufy, Raoul Still Life, c.1914
Fantin-Latour, Henri Petunias, 1881
Gauguin, Paul Self-Portrait, 1893
Gogh, Vincent van

Vase with Carnations, Summer 1886

Self Portrait , 1887

Portrait of Postman Roulin, 1888

The Diggers Les Becheurs, 1889

Bank of the Oise at Auvers,1890

Guillaumin, Armand Schoolboy
Hodler, Ferdinand Study for Day, 1898-1899
Liebermann , Max Park Scene with Trees and Figure, 1916
Manet, Édouard

Portrait of a Young Man, c. 1856

On the Beach, c. 1868

Matisse, Henri

The Window, 1916

Coffee, 1916

Poppies, 1919

Modigliani, Amedeo

Man's Head (Portrait of a Poet), 1915

Young Woman in a Yellow Dress (Madame Modot), 1918

Monet, Claude Gladioli, c. 1876
Moreau, Gustave Diomedes Devoured by His Horses, 1865-1870
Pissarro, Camille The Path, 1889
Redon, Odilon Evocation of Butterflies, c.1910-1912
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste

Clearing in the Woods La Foret de Fontainebleau, 1865

Woman in an Armchair Femme Assise dans un Fauteuil; Lise, 1874

Graziella, 1896

The White Pierrot Pierrot blanc,1901-1902

Seated Bather Baigneuse assise, 1903-1906

Country Lane Road through Hedgerows , 19th/early 20th Century

Robinson, Theodore Scene At Giverny, 1890
Rousseau, Henri View of the Outskirts of Paris c. 1896
Sargent, John Singer

Home Fields, c. 1885

Judith Gautier, c. 1885

Madame Paul Poirson, 1885

Mosquito Nets, 1908

Sisley, Alfred Church at Moret after the Rain, 1894
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de At the Circus, 1899
Troyon, Constant Cattle at the Trough
Twachtman, John Henry The Pool, 1890s
Whistler, James

Arrangement in Gray: Portrait of the Painter, c. 1872

Nocturne in Black and Gold, the Falling Rocket, 1875

Robert Barr, 1894-1895