E.G. Bührle Collection, Zurich


Country Switzerland

Adress Zollikerstrasse 172
CH-8008 Zurich

Web site http://www.buehrle.ch/index.php?lang=en





Bonnard, Pierre

The Luncheon, 1899

Ambroise Vollard, c. 1904

Interior, c. 1905

Woman at her Toilet, c. 1905

Place de la Concorde, c. 1910

Boudin, Eugène

Trouville, At Low Tide, 1883-1887

Berck, Fisherwomen, 1894

Braque, Georges

Ship at Le Havre, c. 1905

The Port of L'Estaque, c. 1906

The Violinist, 1912

Still Life with Fruits, 1924

Cassatt, Mary Mother and Child, 1893
Paul Cézanne The Temptation of St.Anthony, 1867-1870
Landscape in Provence, around 1875
Artist's Wife in an Armchair, 1881-1882
Self-Portrait with Palette, 1884
The Boy in the Red Vest, 1894-1895
The Mont de Cengle, 1905
The Old Gardener , 1906
Corot, Camille

A Girl Reading, c. 1845-1850

Barge on a River Board, c. 1862

Sitting Monk, Reading, c. 1865

The Four Trees by the Plain, c. 1869-1870

Daumier, Honoré

The Free Performance, c. 1843-1845

The two Attorneys, c. 1855-1857

Man Smoking and Absinthe Drinker, c. 1856-1860

Degas, Edgar

Madame Camus at the Piano, 1869

Count Lepic and His Daughters, 1871

Before the Start, c. 1878-1880

Dancers in the Foyer, 1889

After the Bath, 1896 - 1898

Derain, André The Table, c. 1904
Dufy, Raoul

Travelling Show, c. 1906

Arcades at Vallauris, 1927

Fantin-Latour, Henri

Self-Portrait, 1861

Roses and Lilies in a Glass Vase, 1864

Gauguin, Paul

Mette Gauguin, c. 1880

The Road, 1884

Sunflowers on an Armchair, 1901

Idyll in Tahiti, 1901

The Offering, 1902

Gogh, Vincent van


The Old Tower, 1884

Peasant Woman, 1885

The Bridges at Asnieres, 1887

Self-Portrait, 1887

The Sower, 1888

The Weeders, 1890

Blossoming Chestnut Branches, 1890


Manet, Édouard

Yung Woman in Oriental Garb, c. 1871

The Bassin d'Arcachon, 1871

Oloron-Sainte-Marie, 1871

The Swallows, 1873

The Suicide, c. 1877

The Dressing-Table, c. 1880

A Garden Nook at Bellevue, 1880

The Eagle Owl, 1881

Marquet, Albert Le Havre, c. 1911
Matisse, Henri The Pont Saint-Michel, Paris, c. 1900
Modigliani, Amedeo Reclining Nude, 1916
Monet, Claude

The Dinner, c. 1868-1869

Poppies near Vétheuil, c. 1879

Monet's Garden at Giverny, 1895

Waterloo Bridge, c. 1899-1901

Waterlilies Pond, c. 1920-1926

Morisot, Berthe Madame Albine Sermicoli in the Studio, 1889
Pissarro, Camille

The Road under Snow at Louveciennes, c. 1870

The Conversation (Road from Versailles to Louveciennes), 1870

Road from Osny to Pontoise, Hoar Frost, 1873

Peasant Woman Combing Wool, 1875

Puvis de Chavannes, Pierre Concordia, c. 1861
Redon, Odilon

The Calvary, c. 1895

The Fall of Phaeton, c. 1910

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste

Portrait Alfred Sisley, 1864

Portrait Mademoiselle Irène Cahen d`Anvers (Little Irene), 1880

Still Life with Pheasant and Partridges, 1881

Still Life with Dahlias, c. 1885-1890

Two Girls (Summer Hats), 1893

The Source, 1906

Rouault, Georges

The Couple (La Loge), 1905

Riders in the Twilight, c. 1920

Clown, c. 1937

Seurat, Georges

Study for "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande-Jatte", 1884-1885

Study for "Invitation to the Sideshow", 1887

Signac, Paul

The Milliners, 1885-1886

Canal della Giudecca, Morning (Santa Maria della Salute), 1905

Sisley, Alfred

Road Saint-Germain in Marly, 1875

Summer at Bougival, 1876

Barges in St. Mammès, c. 1885

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de

François Gauzi, 1887

Georges-Henri Manuel in the Studio, 1891

The Two Friends, 1895

Messaline, 1900-1901

Vlaminck, Maurice de

The Paper Mill, Nanterre, 1904

Barge on the Seine near Le Pecq, 1906

Still Life with Oranges, c. 1907-1908

Vuillard, Édouard

The Vaudeville Show Magician, c. 1895

The Salon Natanson, rue St-Florentin, c. 1897-1898

The Visitor, c. 1900

Self-Portrait, c. 1906