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Bazille, Jean Frédéric


Summer Scene, 1869


Cassatt, Mary Woman on a Striped Sofa with a Dog, 1876
Paul Cézanne Small Houses near Pontoise (Petites Maisons près de Pontoise). c. 1874
Corot, Camille

Honfleur - A Fishing Boat, c. 1830


Corinth, Lovis

Amaryllis, Calla Lilies, and Lilacs, 1922

Thomas Corinth with Straw Hat, 1925

Daumier, Honoré

Two Singers, c. 1850-1860

Scapin, 1860-1862

Degas, Edgar

Italian Girl, c. 1856

A Nude Youth Crawling, Study for "Young Spartans, c. 1860

Study for "The Young Spartans Exercising", c. 1860-c. 1861

At the Races: The Start, c. 1860-c. 1862

Alice Villette, 1872

Cotton Merchants in New Orleans, 1873

The Rehearsal, c. 1873-1878

Ballet Dancer, c. 1873-1900

Two Dancers Entering the Stage, c. 1877-1878

Chanteuse de Café, c. 1878

Study for "Diego Martelli", 1879

Young Woman in Street Costume, c. 1879

A Nude Figure Bathing, c. 1892-1895

After the Bath, Woman with a Towel, c. 1893-1897


Dufy, Raoul Race Track at Deauville, the Start, 1929
Gauguin, Paul

Self-Portrait, c. 1875 - c.1877

Still Life with Apples, a Pear, and a Ceramic Portrait Jug, 1889

Still Life with Peaches, c. 1889

Parahi te marae (There Is the Temple), c. 1892

Poèmes Barbares, 1896

Gogh, Vincent van


The Wounded Veteran, c. 1882-1883

Three Pairs of Shoes, 1886-1887

Peasant of the Camargue, 1888

Self-Portrait Dedicated to Paul Gauguin (Bonze), 1888

The Blue Cart, 1888


Manet, Édouard

Race Course at Longchamp; verso: Section of grandstand area, 1864

Study for "Interior at Arcachon", 1871

Skating, 1877

Portrait of a Man, c. 1880

Emmanuel Chabrier (1841-1894), 1881

Matisse, Henri Geraniums, 1915
Modersohn-Becker, Paula

Birch Tree in a Landscape, 1899

Girl in a Red Dress, c. 1905

Monet, Claude

Road toward the Farm Saint-Siméon, Honfleur, 1867

La Porte d'Amont, Étretat, c. 1868-1869

Rougets, c. 1870

Red Boats, Argenteuil, 1875

The Gare Saint-Lazare: Arrival of a Train, 1877

View of the Seine, Lavacourt, 1880

Eugénie Graff (Madame Paul), 1882

House of the Customs Officer, Varengeville, 1882

Gorge of the Petit Ailly, Varengeville, 1897

Charing Cross Bridge: Fog on the Thames, 1903

Moreau, Gustave

The Young Man and Death, 1865

The Pietà, c. 1867

The Chimera, 1867

Saint Sebastian and the Angel, c. 1876

Pissarro, Camille The Hermitage, Effect of Snow, 1874
Puvis de Chavannes, Pierre Saint Genevieve as a Child at Prayer, 1879
Redon, Odilon

Fishing Village, Brittany, 1883

The Death of Orpheus, c. 1904

Head of a Young Woman

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste

Still Life with Roses, c. 1866

Spring Bouquet, 1866

Madame Pierre Henri Renoir (Blanche-Marie Blanc, 1841-1910?), 1870

Victor Choquet (1821-1891), c. 1875

Self Portrait, 1876

At the Milliner's, 1878

Seated Bather, c. 1883-1884

Edmond Renoir, Jr., c. 1889

Gabrielle in a Red Dress, 1908

Rousseau, Henri The Banks of the Oise, c. 1907
Rysselberghe, Théo van Dahlias in a Vase, 1907
Sargent , John Singer Lake O'Hara, 1916
Seurat, Georges

Vase of Flowers, c. 1878 - 1879

Seated Figures, Study for "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jatte", 1884-1885

Sisley, Alfred The Bridge at Villeneuve-La-Garenne, 1872
Stuck, Franz Wounded Amazon, 1905
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de

The Black Countess, 1881

Trapeze Artist at the Medrano Circus, 1887-1888

The Hangover (Suzanne Valadon), 1887-1889

Augusta, 1890

Twachtman, John Henry

Landscape, c. 1887-1888

Landscape with River

Whistler, James

Nocturne in Blue and Silver, c. 1871-1872

Miss Maud Franklin, c. 1872-1873

Harmony in Grey and Peach Colour, 1872-1874

Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Gardens, c. 1872-1875

Nocturne in Grey and Gold: Chelsea Snow, 1876

Nocturne in Black and Gold: Rag Shop, Chelsea, c. 1878

The Little White Sofa, c. 1883-1884

American (Lowell, MA 1834 - 1903 London, England)
Violet and Rose: La Belle de Jour, c. 1885

Violet and Blue: The Little Bathers, Pérosquérie, 1888

Green and Violet: Mrs. Walter Sickert, 1893-1894

Self-Portrait, c. 1893-1899

Brown and Gold: Lillie "In our Alley!", c. 1896

Violet and Blue: The Red Feather, 1896-1900

Harmony in Blue and Silver: Beaching the Boat, Étretat, c. 1897

Ajaccio, Corsica, 1901