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Bevan, Robert Three Poplars and a Well, c.1908
Cassatt, Mary The Sisters, 1885
Camoin, Charles Place de Clichy, Paris, 1910
Conder, Charles The Trellis
Daumier, Honoré Bust of a Woman, c. 1850-1855

Degas, Edgar


The Rehearsal, 1871

Jockeys in the Rain, 1880-1881

Dancers in a Box, c. 1884

In the Tuileries: Woman with Parasol, c. 1887-1890

The Jewels, c.1890

Dancers on a Bench, Edgar Degas, about 1898


Fergusson, John

On the Loing , 1898

On the Beach at Tangier, 1899

Garden Scene with Clothes Drying on a Line , c.1900

Tenements, Edinburgh, c.1900

Grey Day, Paris Plage, c.1906

The Pink Parasol: Bertha Case, 1908

Montgeron, 1909

Torse de femme, c.1911

Head of a Girl , 1917

Damaged Destroyer , 1918

In the Boltons: The Artist's Wife, c.1927–1928

The Roadman's House, St Fillans , 1944

Sun, Wind and Sea, and the Smell of the Pines

Friesz, Othon The Seine at Paris, Pont de Grenelle, 1901
Gilman, Harold Contemplation, c.1915
Grant, Duncan Daffodils , 1931
Jongkind, Johan

Winter Scene in Holland, 1865

Paris, Demolition of the Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, 1868

Luce, Maximilien Landscape with Willow Trees, 1887
Manet, Édouard

The Ham, c. 1875-1878

Women Drinking, 1878

A Cafe, Place Du Theatre Francais, 1881

Matisse, Henri Woman with Oriental Dress , 1919
Monet, Claude Vétheuil, c. 1880
Pissarro, Camille The Banks of the Marne, 1864
Whistler, James

Nocturne: Grey and Gold - Westminster Bridge, 1871-1872

Arrangement in Grey and Black, No.2: Portrait of Thomas Carlyle, 1872-1873