Guggenheim Museum, New York City


Country USA

Adress Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
1071 Fifth Avenue (at 89th Street)
New York, NY 10128-0173

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Balla, Giacomo Abstract Speed + Sound, 1913–1914
Boccioni, Umberto Dynamism of a Speeding Horse + Houses , 1915
Bonnard, Pierre Dining Room on the Garden, 1934–1935
Braque, Georges

Landscape near Antwerp, 1906

Violin and Palette, 1909

Piano and Mandola, 1909–1910

The Clarinet, 1912

The Bowl of Grapes, 1926

Paul Cézanne


Still Life: Flask, Glass, and Jug (Fiasque, verre et poterie), 1877

The Neighborhood of Jas de Bouffan (Environs du Jas de Bouffan), 1885–1887

Bibémus, ca. 1894–1895

Man with Crossed Arms (Homme aux bras croisés), ca. 1899

Degas, Edgar

Dancers in Green and Yellow, c. 1903

Seated Woman, Wiping Her Left Side (Femme assise, s'essuyant le côté gauche), 1896-1911

Gauguin, Paul

Haere Mai, 1891

In the Vanilla Grove, Man and Horse (Dans la vanillère, homme et cheval), 1891

Gogh, Vincent van

Roadway with Underpass (The Viaduct), Spring 1887

Landscape with Snow (Paysage enneigé), Late February 1888

Mountains at Saint-Rémy (Montagnes à Saint-Rémy), July 1889

Kandinsky, Wassily

Munich, 1901-1902

Amsterdam—View from the Window, 1904

Fishing Boats, Sestri, 1905

Pond in the Park, 1906

Study for “Landscape with Tower”, 1908

Blue Mountain, 1908-1909

Group in Crinolines, 1909

Landscape near Murnau with Locomotive, 1909

Sketch for “Composition II”, 1909-1910

Landscape with Factory Chimney, 1910

Landscape with Rolling Hills, 1910

Winter Landscape with Church, 1910-1911

Lion Hunt, 1911

Pastorale, 1911

Sancta Francisca, 1911

Improvisation 28 (Second Version), 1912

Study for “Improvisation 28” (second version), 1912

Black Lines, 1913

Landscape with Rain, 1913

Far Away, 1930

Taut Line, 1931

Decisive Rose, 1932

Striped, 1934

Graceful Ascent, 1934

Accompanied Contrast, 1935

Green Accent, 1935

Violet-Orange, 1935

Dominant Curve, 1936

Capricious Forms, 1938

Yellow Painting, 1938

Around the Circle, 1940

Little Accents, 1940

Moderation, 1940

Various Actions, 1941

Vertical Accents, 1942

Fragments, 1943

Ribbon with Squares, 1944

Manet, Édouard

Before the Mirror (Devant la glace), 1876

Woman in Evening Dress (Femme en robe de soirée), 1877–1880

Matisse, Henri The Italian Woman, 1916
Modigliani, Amedeo

Nude, 1917

Portrait of a Student , c. 1918–1919

Jeanne Hébuterne with Yellow Sweater , 1918–1919

Monet, Claude The Palazzo Ducale, Seen from San Giorgio Maggiore (Le Palais Ducal vu de Saint-Georges Majeur), 1908
Pissarro, Camille The Hermitage at Pontoise (Les côteaux de l'Hermitage, Pontoise), c. 1867
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste Woman with Parrot (La femme à la perruche), 1871
Rousseau, Henri

Artillerymen , c. 1893–1895

The Football Players , 1908

Seurat, Georges

Peasant with Hoe (Paysan à la houe), 1882

Farm Women at Work (Paysannes au travail), 1882–1883

Peasant Woman Seated in the Grass (Paysanne assise dans l'herbe), 1883