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The Museum of Modern Art

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Balla, Giacomo

Street Light, c. 1910-11 (dated on painting 1909)

Speeding Automobile, 1912

Swifts: Paths of Movement + Dynamic Sequences, 1913

Circular Planes, 1924

Bernard, 3ò4mile Iron Bridges at Asni?res, 1887
Boccioni, Umberto

The City Rises, 1910

The Laugh, 1911

States of Mind I: The Farewells, 1911

States of Mind III: Those Who Stay , 1911

States of Mind II: Those Who Go , 1911

Dynamism of a soccer player , 1913

Braque, Georges

The Large Trees, 1906-1907

Landscape at La Ciotat, 1907

Road near L'Estaque, 1908

The Table (Still Life with Fan), 1910

Man with a Guitar, 1911-1912

Homage to J. S. Bach, 1911-1912

Soda, 1912

Guitar, 1913

Still Life with Tenora, 1913

Guitar, Plate, Fruit Dish, Pitcher, and Music Score, 1925

Woman with a Mandolin, 1937

Studio V, 1949-1950

Paul Cézanne


Self-Portrait in a Straw Hat, 1875-1876.

Melting Snow, Fontainebleau, 1879-1880

Still Life with Fruit Dish 1879-1880

Milk Can and Apples, 1879-1880

L'Estaque, 1879-1883

The Bather, 1885

Bathers, 1885-1890

Boy in a Red Vest, 1888-1890

Mercury after Pigalle, 1890

Still Life with Apples, 1895-1898

Rocks Near the Caves above Chàteau Noir, 1895-1900

Les Grands Baigneurs (The Large Bathers) for the unpublished portfolio L'Album d'estampes originales de la Galerie Vollard, no. III (The Album of Original Prints from the Vollard Gallery, no. III), 1896-1897

Pines and Rocks (Fontainebleau?), 1897

Turning Road at Montgeroult, 1898

House Among Trees, 1900

Still Life with Ginger Jar, Sugar Bowl, and Oranges,, 1902-1906

Chàteau Noir, 1903-1904

Corinth, Lovis Self-Portrait with Palette, 1924
Degas, Edgar

At the Milliner's, c. 1882

Paysage vert (Green Landscape), c. 1890

Derain, André

Fishing Boats, Collioure, 1905

Charing Cross Bridge, 1905-1906

The Seine at Chatou, 1906

London Bridge, 1906

Bathers, 1907

Landscape near Cassis, 1907

Madame Derain in Green, 1907

Window at Vers, 1912

Valley of the Lot at Vers, 1912

Dongen, Kees van Modjesko, Soprano Singer, 1908
Ensor, James

Tribulations of Saint Anthony, 1887

Masks Confronting Death, 1888

Gauguin, Paul

Washerwomen, 1888

Still Life with Three Puppies, 1888

Portrait of Jacob Meyer de Haan, 1889

Portrait of Jacob Meyer de Haan, 1889

The Seed of the Areoi, 1892

The Moon and the Earth, 1893

Gogh, Vincent van

Sorrow, 1882

The Potato Eaters, April, 1885

Portrait of Joseph Roulin, early 1889

The Olive Trees, June-July 1889

The Starry Night, June 1889

Portrait of Dr. Gachet (Man with a Pipe), May 15, 1890

Kandinsky, Wassily

Church at Murnau (Kirche in Murnau),1909

Picture with an Archer, 1909

Study for Painting with White Form (Entwurf zu Bild mit weisser Form), 1913

Watercolor No. 13 (Aquarell No. 13)

Watercolor No. 14 (Aquarell No. 14)

Improvisation, 1914

Panel for Edwin R. Campbell No. 1, 1914

Panel for Edwin R. Campbell No. 2, 1914

Panel for Edwin R. Campbell No. 6, 1914

The Horseman (Reiter), 1916

Blue (Blau), 1927

Soft Pressure, 1931

Matisse, Henri

Still Life, early 1899

Male Model, c. 1900

The Musketeer, 1903

Study for "Luxe, calme et volupté", 1904

La Japonaise: Woman beside the Water
, summer 1905

Landscape at Collioure, summer 1905

Interior with a Young Girl (Girl Reading), 1905-1906

Music (Sketch), spring-summer 1907

Dance (I), early 1909

Still Life with Aubergines, summer 1911

The Red Studio, fall 1911

Periwinkles / Moroccan Garden, winter-spring 1912

Goldfish and Sculpture, spring-summer 1912

The Blue Window, summer 1913

Woman on a High Stool (Germaine Raynal), early 1914

View of Notre Dame, spring 1914

Goldfish and Palette, fall 1914

Composition, 1915

Still Life after Jan Davidsz. de Heem's "La Desserte", summer-fall 1915

The Moroccans, late 1915 and fall 1916

Gourds, 1915-1916 (dated on painting 1916)

The Piano Lesson, late summer 1916

The Rose Marble Table, spring-summer 1917

Interior with a Violin Case, winter 1918-1919

Odalisque with a Tambourine, winter 1925-26

Modigliani, Amedeo

Anna Zborowska, 1917

Reclining Nude, c. 1919

Monet, Claude

On the Cliff at Pourville, Clear Weather, 1882

Poplars at Giverny, Sunrise, 1888

Agapanthus, 1914-1926

Water Lilies, 1914-1926

Water Lilies, 1914-1926

The Japanese Footbridge, 1920-1922

Nolde, Emil Blue and Violet Flowers, 1916
Redon, Odilon

Landscape with Rocks, near Royan, c. 1875

Windmill, c. 1875

The Rocky Slope, c. 1875

Rocky Peak, c. 1875

Fishing Boat, c. 1875

Apache (Man on Horseback), c. 1875

Apache (Man on Horseback II), c. 1875

Despair, 1882

Rocks on the Beach, c. 1883

Trees in the Blue Sky, c. 1883

Profile, c. 1895

The Black Sun, c. 1900

The Three Fates, 1900

Landscape, after 1900

Trees in Bi?vres, after 1900

The Window, c. 1902

Composition: Flowers without a Vase, c. 1905

Apparition, c. 1905

Green Death, c. 1905

The Window, c. 1907

Jacob and the Angel, c. 1907

The Blessing, after 1910

Underwater Vision, c. 1910

Seated Man, c. 1910

Butterflies, c. 1910

Roger and Angelica, c. 1910

Silence, c. 1911

Woman with Flower Corsage, 1912

The Birth of Venus, c. 1912

Wildflowers in a Long Neck Vase, c. 1912

The Chariot of Apoll , c. 1912

Vase of Flowers, c. 1912-1914

Rouault, Georges

Circus Act, 1905

Clown, c. 1907

Clown, 1912

The Three Judges, 1913

Christ Mocked by Soldiers, 1932

Rousseau, Henri

The Sleeping Gypsy, 1897

Flowers in a Vase, 1901-1902

The Dream, 1910

Seurat, Georges

Grandcamp, Evening, 1885

Evening, Honfleur, 1886

Port-en-Bessin, Entrance to the Harbor, 1888

The Channel at Gravelines, Evening, summer 1890

Sickert, Walter La Gaieté Montparnasse, c. 1905
Signac, Paul

Opus 217. Against the Enamel of a Background Rhythmic with Beats and Angles, Tones, and Tints, Portrait of M. Félix Fénéon in 1890, 1890

Setting Sun. Sardine Fishing. Adagio. Opus 221 from the series The Sea, The Boats, Concarneau, 1891

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de La Goulue at the Moulin Rouge, 1891-1892
Valadon, Suzanne Portrait of Mme Zamaron, 1922
Vlaminck, Maurice de Autumn Landscape, c. 1905
Vuillard, Édouard

Dinnertime, c. 1889

Interior, Mother and Sister of the Artist, 1893

The Park, 1894 (reworked in 1908)

The Window, 1894

Embroidery, 1895-1896