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Country Canada

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P.O. Box 427, Station A
Ottawa, Ontario
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Bonnard, Pierre The Port of Cannes, 1927
Braque, Georges

The Port of Antwerp, 1906

The Glass of Absinthe, c. 1910-1911

Carrière, Eugène The Artist with his Wife and their Son Jean-René, c. 1895

Paul Cézanne


Portrait of Gustave Boyer , 1870-1871

Road at Auvers-sur-Oise   c. 1873-1874

Meadow and Farm of Jas de Bouffan, 1885-1887

Landscape with Houses and Trees, 1888-1890

Study of Trees   c. 1896-1899

Portrait of a Peasant   c. 1900

Forest , 1902-1904

Conder, Charles Beach Scene, Newquay, 1907
Corot, Camille The Bridge at Narni, 1827
Degas, Edgar

Portrait of a Woman (after a 16th-century Florentine drawing) c. 1858-1859

Alexander and Bucephalus c. 1859-1861

Woman with an Umbrella (Berthe Jeantaud) c. 1876

At the Ambassadeurs c. 1877

At the Café-concert c. 1879-1884

Dancers c. 1891

Racehorses c. 1895-1899

Dancers at the Bar c. 1900

Derain, André

Landscape by the Sea: the Côte d'Azur near Agay, 1905

Still-life, c. 1912-1914

Ensor, James Skeletons in the Studio, 1900
Forain, Jean-Louis The Lawyer, 1907
Gauguin, Paul

The Quarries of Le Chou near Pontoise, 1882

Vase with Nasturtiums and Quimper Faience, 1886

Gilman, Harold

A Swedish Village, 1912

Halifax Harbour at Sunset, 1918

Gogh, Vincent van

The Swamp,1881

Bowl with Zinnias and Other Flowers, 1886

Vase with Zinnias and Geraniums, 1886

Iris, 1889

John, Gwen Young Woman in a Grey Cloak, c. 1920-1924
Matisse, Henri Nude on a Yellow Sofa, 1926
Modigliani, Amedeo Portrait of Mrs. Hastings, 1915
Monet, Claude

A Stormy Sea, c. 1884

Rock Needle Seen through the Porte d'Aval, Étretat, 1886

Jean-Pierre Hoschedé and Michel Monet on the Banks of the Epte, c. 1887-1890

Waterloo Bridge: the Sun in a Fog, 1903

Moreau, Gustave Apollo Vanquishing the Serpent Python
, c. 1885
Pissarro, Camille

Hay Harvest at Éragny, 1901

Rue de l'Hermitage, Pontoise, 1875

The Old Road to Ennery at Pontoise, 1877

Woman Fixing her Hair, c. 1894

The Stone Bridge in Rouen, Dull Weather, 1896

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste Claude and Renée c. 1902-1903
Sisley, Alfred

The Slopes of Bougival 1875

Washerwomen, near Champagne 1882