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Bonnard, Pierre Siesta , 1900
Boudin, Eugène

The Harbour of Fecamp

Beach Scene with Figures and Sailboat

Paul Cézanne


The uphill road, 1881

Conder, Charles

A shady hollow by a dusty road, 1887

Springtime, 1888

Coogee Bay, 1888

The farm, Richmond, New South Wales, 1888

Dear Lady Disdain, 1889

Summer Idyll, 1889

Sketch portrait , 1889

Sketch of Littlehampton Beach , 1890

Rickett's Point, 1890

While daylight lingers, 1890

Ferry crossing Seine, 1894

Girl with bouquet above Swanage Bay, 1899

Blue waters of Algeciras, 1905

Corot, Camille

View of the Quay of the Schiavoni, 1834

Sketch at Scheveningen, 1853

Landscape sketch, 1855-1860

The bent tree, 1855-1860

The model, nude study

Degas, Edgar Portrait of a woman, c. 1876-1880
Derain, André Roses in blue jug, 1920s
Dufy, Raoul Regatta at Deauville, 1928
Grant, Duncan The bathers, c. 1926-1933
John, Gwen The nun, mid-1910's
Manet, Édouard The house at Rueil, 1882
Matisse, Henri Reclining nude on a pink couch, 1919
Modigliani, Amedeo Portrait of the painter Manuel Humbert, 1916
Monet, Claude

Vétheuil, 1879

Rough weather at Étretat
Gros Temps à Étretat, 1883

Pissarro, Camille

The banks of the Viosne at Osny in grey weather, winter, 1883

Boulevard Montmartre, morning, cloudy weather, 1897

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste The guitar player , c. 1896
Sickert, Walter

Grand Canal, Venice, 1901

Resting - La Giuseppina, 1903

The raising of Lazarus , 1928-1929

Signac, Paul Gasometers at Clichy , 1886
Sisley, Alfred

The Loing and the slopes of Saint-Nicaise - February afternoon, 1890

Haystacks at Moret - Morning light, 1891

Vuillard, Édouard

The doors, 1894

Mme Bonnard with her dog at rue Drouai ,