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Balla, Giacomo Abstract Speed, 1912
Bernard, 3ò4mile Portrait of a Woman, 1919
Boldini, Giovanni Highway of Combes-la-Ville, 1873
Bonnard, Pierre

Portrait of Madame Franc-Nohain, c. 1905

Woman in a White Hat, c. 1908

After the Shower, 1914

Landscape with a River in Stormy Weather, Vernon, 1914

Homage to Maillol, 1917

Still Life with a Bowl of Fruit, 1933

Boudin, Eugène

Camaret, Le Toulinguet, c. 1871-1873

View of Trouville, 1873

Beach at Trouville, 1880

Deauville, the Terrace, 1882

Beach at Étretat, 1890

Etaples, les Bords de la Canche , 1891

Le Cap, Antibes , 1893

Boats in Trouville Harbor, 1894

The Bridge over the River Touques at Deauville, 1894

Deauville, Flag-Decked Ships in the Inner Harbor, 1896

Braque, Georges

Basket of Fish, c. 1910

Harmonica and Flageolet, 1910-1911

Violin and Newspaper, 1912-1913

Still Life (Newspaper and Lemon), 1913

Still Life (Violin), 1913

The Cup, 1917-1918

Musical Forms, 1918

The Table, 1918

Guitar and Pipe (Polka), 1920-1921

Seated Bather, 1925

Still Life (Compote and Fruit), 1926-1928

Still Life with a Fruit Dish, 1936

Stormy Beach, 1938

A Teapot and a Plate of Cheese, 1942

The Two Windows, 1951-1952

Carri?re, Eugène

Mother and Child Sleeping, c. 1889

Young Girl Counting

Cassatt, Mary

On the Balcony, 1873

Mary Ellison Embroidering, 1877

Woman with a Pearl Necklace in a Loge, 1879

In the Loge, c. 1879

A Woman and a Girl Driving, 1881

Portrait of Alexander J. Cassatt and His Son, Robert Kelso Cassatt, 1884

Sailor Boy: Portrait of Gardner Cassatt as a Child, 1892

Maternal Caress, c. 1896

Mother and Child (Maternal Kiss), 1897

Family Group Reading, 1898

Mother and Child, 1908

Paul Cézanne


Quartier Four, Auvers-sur-Oise (Landscape, Auvers), 1873

Still Life with a Dessert, 1877 or 1879

Still Life with Apples and a Glass of Wine, 1877-79

Bay of l'Estaque, 1879-83

Still Life with Flowers in an Olive Jar, c. 1880

View of the Bay of Marseille with the Village of Saint-Henric. 1883

Portrait of Madame Cézanne, 1885-87

Portrait of Madame Cézanne, 1886-87

Portrait of Madame Cézanne, 1890-92

Winter Landscape, Giverny, 1894

Millstone in the Park of the Chàteau Noir, 1898-1900

Mont Sainte-Victoire, 1902-4

The Large Bathers, 1906


Corot, Camille

Landscape, 1825

Aqueduct, c. 1826-1828

Ville d'Avray, c. 1828

Architectural Study (Door of the Francis I Staircase, Oval Court, Fontainebleau), 1831-1834

House and Factory of Monsieur Henry, 1833

Lake Geneva, 1839

Edge of Lake Nemi, c. 1843

Pensive Young Brunette, 1845-1850

Fields of Saint-Ouen, 1850-1855

Environs of Gruyéres, Switzerland, c. 1850-1865

View in Holland, c. 1854

Wall, Cétes-du-Nord, Brittany, c. 1855

Mother Protecting Her Child, 1855-1858

Chàteau Thierry, 1855-1865

Under Trees, Marcoussy, c. 1855-1865

Night Landscape with a Lioness, 1857-1873

Mother and Child on a Beach, c. 1860

Landscape with a Stream and Willows near Gisors, c. 1860

House in the Village of Saint-Martin, near Boulogne-sur-Mer, 1860-1865

Pollard Willows, 1865-1870

Fisherman, 1865-1870

Gypsy Girl at a Fountain, 1865-1870

The Ferry, 1865-1872

Morning on the Estuary, Ville d'Avray, 1870

Goatherd of Terni, c. 1871

Douai, the House of Alfred Robaut, 1871

Wooded Path near Ville d'Avray, 1872-1874

Hilly Coast

Corinth, Lovis Portrait of Sophie Cassirer, 1906
Daumier, Honoré

The Print Collector, c. 1860

The Imaginary Illness, c. 1860-1862

Man Bathing a Child

Degas, Edgar

Interior, 1868 or 1869

The Star, c. 1876-1878

The Ballet Class, c. 1880

The Mante Family, c. 1884

Ballet from an Opera Box, c. 1884

Woman Drying Herself, c. 1886

After the Bath (Woman Drying Herself), c. 1896

Derain, André

Portrait of Henri Matisse, c. 1905

Woman, c. 1914

Dufy, Raoul Window on the Promenade des Anglais, Nice, 1938
Ensor, James Self-Portrait with Masks, 1937
Fantin-Latour, Henri

Still Life with Chrysanthemums, 1862

Still Life with White Roses, 1875

Still Life with Roses and Asters in a Glass, 1877

Still Life with Carnations, 1878

Still Life with Roses of Dijon, 1882

Still Life with White Pinks in a Glass Vase, c. 1885

Still Life with Roses in a Vase, 1888

Still Life with Roses in a Fluted Vase
Roses in a Tall Vase, 1889

Still Life with Imperial Delphiniums
Larkspur, 1891

Forain, Jean-Louis The Hearing, c. 1900
Gauguin, Paul

Still Life with Moss Roses in a Basket, 1886

The Sacred Mountain (Parahi Te Marae)
Made in Tahiti, 1892

Gogh, Vincent van

Still Life with a Bouquet of Daisies, 1884-1885

Portrait of Camille Roulin, 1888

Portrait of Madame Augustine Roulin and Baby Marcelle, 1888

Rain, 1889

Sunflowers, 1889

Manet, Édouard

The Battle of the U.S.S. "Kearsarge" and the C.S.S. "Alabama", 1864

Marine View, c. 1864

The Folkestone Boat, Boulogne, 1869

Marine in Holland, 1872

Le Bon Bock, 1873

Portrait of Isabelle Lemonnier (The face has been completely repainted), c. 1877

Portrait of 3ò4milie Ambre as Carmen, 1880

Matisse, Henri

Breakfast, 1920

Two Models Resting, 1928

Yellow Odalisque, 1937

Woman in Blue, 1937

Modigliani, Amedeo

Blue Eyes (Portrait of Madame Jeanne Hébuterne), 1917

Portrait of a Polish Woman, 1919

Monet, Claude

Green Park, London, 1870 or 1871

The Sheltered Path, 1873

The Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam (Looking up the Groenburgwal), c. 1874

Railroad Bridge, Argenteuil, 1874

Port of Le Havre, 1874

Marine View with a Sunset, c. 1875

Marine near Étretat, 1882

Customhouse, Varengeville, 1882

Manne-Porte, Étretat, 1885

Flowers in a Vase, 1888

Bend in the Epte River near Giverny, 1888

Under the Pines, Evening, 1888

Morning at Antibes, 1888

The Grande Creuse at Pont de Vervy, 1889

Poplars on the Bank of the Epte River, 1891

Poplars, 1891

Morning Haze, 1894

Japanese Footbridge, Giverny, 1895

The Japanese Footbridge and the Water Lily Pool, Giverny, 1899

Waterloo Bridge, Morning Fog, 1901

Nympheas, Japanese Bridge, 1918-1826

Monticelli, Adolphe

Boating Party, 1886

Nymphs Bathing


Morisot, Berthe Portrait of a Child, 1894
Nittis, Giuseppe De

The Connoisseurs, 1869

Return from the Races, 1875

Pissarro, Camille

Quai Napoléon, Rouen, 1883

The Field and the Great Walnut Tree in Winter, Eragny, 1885

Summer Landscape, Eragny, 1887 and 1902

L'Søle Lacroix, Rouen (The Effect of Fog), 1888

The Marketplace, Gisors, 1891

Landscape (Orchard), 1892

Vegetable Garden, Overcast Morning, Eragny, 1901

Fair on a Sunny Afternoon, Dieppe, 1901

Afternoon Sunshine, Pont Neuf, 1901

Puvis de Chavannes, Pierre

Peace, 1867

War, 1867

Legendary Saints of France, c. 1879

Raffaëlli, Jean-François

Artist Painting, c. 1879

Comrades, 1881-1883

The Minstrels, 1887

Midday, Effect of Frost, 1888

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste

Portrait of Mademoiselle Legrand, 1875

Boy with a Toy Soldier (Portrait of Jean de La Pommeraye), c. 1875

The Grands Boulevards, 1875

Flowers in a Vase, c. 1880

Portrait of Alfred Bérard with His Dog, 1881

Portrait of Madame Renoir, c. 1885

Girl in a Red Scarf, c. 1884

The Large Bathers, 1884-1887

Nude, 1888

Still Life with Flowers and Fruit, c. 1890

Two Girls, c. 1892

Peaches (Les P?ches), 1895

Girl in a Red Ruff, 1896

Large Bather, 1905

Girl Tatting, c. 1906

Bather, c. 1917

Woman with a Guitar, c. 1918


Robinson, Theodore Giverny, c. 1888
Rouault, Georges

At the Circus (The Mad Clown), 1907

The Crucifixion, c. 1918

Polichinelle, c. 1930

Scene from the Life of Christ, 1935-1938

Christ, c. 1938

Pierrot with a Rose, c. 1936

Rousseau, Henri

Carnival Evening, 1886

Landscape with Cattle, 1895-1900

Still Life with Flowers, c. 1905

Landscape, 1905-1910

The Merry Jesters, 1906

Young Girl in Pink, 1906-1907

Village Street, 1909-1910

Sargent , John Singer

Portrait of Frances Sherborne Ridley Watts, 1877

In the Luxembourg Gardens, 1879

Landscape with Women in Foreground, c. 1883

Portrait of Mrs. J. William White, 1903

Portrait of Lady Eden, 1906

A Waterfall, c. 1910

The Rialto, Venice, 1911

Seurat, Georges Moored Boats and Trees, 1890
Simon, Lucien Christ Performing Miracles, 1894
Sisley, Alfred

Landscape (Spring at Bougival), c. 1873

The Seine at Billancourt, 1877

The Bridge at Saint-Mammes, 1881

Banks of the Loing River, 1885

The Canal at Saint-Mammes, 1885

Bridge at Moret-sur-Loing, 1891

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de

Carriage, c. 1881

Follette, 1890

At the Moulin Rouge: The Dance, 1890

At the Nouveau Cirque: The Dancer and the Five Stiff Shirts, 1892

Troyon, Constant

Forest Clearing, 1846?

Cows Grazing, 1856

Leashed Hounds, c. 1860

Le Tréport, 1860-1862

Moerdijk, Holland, 1861


Going to Market

Vlaminck, Maurice de The Seine at Chàtou, c. 1908
Vuillard, Édouard

Self-Portrait with Sister, c. 1892

The Meal, c. 1899

Flowers with Leda, c. 1900

Flowers in the Salon, c. 1905

Whistler, James

Purple and Rose: The Lange Leizen of the Six Marks, 1864

Nocturne, 1875-1880

Arrangement in Black (The Lady in the Yellow Buskin), c. 1883

Grand Canal, Venice (Moonlight), After 1890