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Bonnard, Pierre The Basket of Fruit, 1922
Boudin, Eugène The Beach at Trouville, 1869
Braque, Georges

Carrières-Saint-Denis, 1910

The Blue Mandolin, 1930

Glass and Fruit, 1931

Still Life with Palette, 1943

Paul Cézanne


The Artist's Mother, 1866-1867

Marie Cézanne (The Artist's Sister), 1866-1867

Bathers, 1890-1892

Corot, Camille

Girl with Mandolin, 1860–1865

Vallée Solitaire, 1870–1874

The Beach, Étretat, 1872

Corinth, Lovis

Franz Heinrich Corinth, the Artist's Father, 1888

Nana, Female Nude, 1911

Nude Girl on a Rug, 1912

Walchensee, Silverway, 1923

Fantin-Latour, Henri

The Two Sisters, 1859

Asters in a Vase, 1875

Gauguin, Paul

Madame Roulin, November 1888

Landscape with a Horse, 1899

Gogh, Vincent van

Head of a Peasant Woman, December 1884

Factories at Asnières, Seen from the Quai de Clichy, summer 1887

Still Life, Basket of Apples, autumn 1887

Fishing Boats at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer,

Vineyards at Auvers, June 1890

Stairway at Auvers, July 1890

Luce, Maximilien Camaret, Moonlight and Fishing Boats,
Manet, Édouard The Reader, 1861
Matisse, Henri Bathers with a Turtle, 1908
Modersohn-Becker, Paula Two Girls in Front of Birch Trees, c.1905
Monet, Claude

The Promenade with the Railroad Bridge, Argenteuil, 1874

Rocks at Belle-Isle, Port-Domois, 1886

Charing Cross Bridge, 1903

Water Lilies, c.1916–1926

Moreau, Gustave The Martyred St. Sebastian, 1869
Nolde, Emil

Woman (in Strong Light), 1912

Red Evening Sky, 1915

Pissarro, Camille

The Bell Tower of Bazincourt, 1885

The Louvre: Morning, 1901

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste

Leonard Renoir, the Artist's Father, 1869


Rouault, Georges

Singer with a White Plume, 1928

Solange, 1928

Pierrot, 1931–1939

Chinois, 1939

Rousseau, Henri Still Life, Vase of Flowers
Seurat, Georges Port-en-Bessin: The Outer Harbor (Low Tide), 1888
Vuillard, Édouard

A Seamstress, 1892

The Fireplace, 1901

K.X. Roussel Reading, c.1904

The Art Dealers (The Bernheim-Jeune Brothers), 1908

Zorn, Anders

Mrs. Lucy Turner Joy, 1897

Daniel Catlin , 1901