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Country Germany

AdressKonrad-Adenauer-Str. 30 - 32
70173 Stuttgart

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Bonnard, Pierre The Terrasse Family , c. 1902
Corinth, Lovis Country House with Washing Spot, 1918
Ensor, James Still Life with Blue Pitcher, c. 1890-1891
Gauguin, Paul

Portrait of Gauguin's mother, 1890

E Haere oe i hia? (Where Are You Going?, 1892

Gogh, Vincent van


Le Pont de Langlois, 1888


Manet, Édouard The Painter Monet in his Studio, 1874
Matisse, Henri The Coiffure, 1907
Modigliani, Amedeo

Portrait of Chaim Soutine, 1915

Female Nude Reclining on a White Pillow, 1917

Monet, Claude Fields in the Spring, 1887
Nolde, Emil Dancers, 1920
Pissarro, Camille

The Seine at Port-Marly, 1872

The Gardener, 1899

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste

The lady in fur coat, 1866

On fire, 1875

Madame Victor Choquet, 1875

In Theater, 1880

Two Bathers, 1918-1919

Slevogt, Max The Champagne Song (The White d’Andrade), 1902