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Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid, SPAIN  




Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum

Palacio de Villahermosa, Paseo del Prado 8 Madrid, 28014 España

+34 917 911 370



Monday to Sunday: 10.00 - 20.00






Balla, Giacomo Patriotic Demonstration, 1915
Bernard, Émile

The Cliffs at Le Pouldu, 1887

Inside a Shop in Pont-Aven, 1887

Women Bathing, 1889

The Annunciation, 1890

Bonnard, Pierre

Misia Godebska, 1908

The Barn (Cow in the Stable), 1912

The Seine at Vernon, c. 1920

The dipping Path, c. 1922

Sunlight, 1923

Boudin, Eugène

Figures on the Beach in Trouville, 1869

The Square of the Church of Saint Vulfran in Abbeville, 1884

Étretat. The Cliff of Aval, 1890

The River Touques at Saint-Arnoult, 1895

Venice, The Grand Canal, 1895

Braque, Georges

Seascape. L'Estaque, 1906

Le Park at Carrières-Saint-Denis, 1909

Woman with a Mandolin, 1910

The Pink Tablecloth, 1938

Camoin, Charles Harbour of Cassis with Two Tartanes, c. 1905

Paul Cézanne


Retrato de un campesino, 1905-1906


Corot, Camille

Interior of the Church at Mantes, 1865-1870

Solitude. Recollection of Vigen, Limousin, 1866

Diana Bathing (The Fountain), c. 1869-1870

The Parc des Lions at Port-Marly, 1872

Corinth, Lovis

Anemonen , 1910

Self Portrait with a Black Hat , 1912

Chrysanthemen und Rosen im Krug , 1917

Fashion Show, 1921

Cross, Henri-Edmond

Women attaching strains, 1890

Beach, late effect, 1902

Degas, Edgar

El estanque en el bosque, c. 1867-1868

Bailarina basculando (Bailarina verde), 1877-1879

En la sombrerería, 1882

Caballos de carreras en un paisaje, 1894

Denis, Maurice The Crown of Daisies, c. 1905-1906
Derain, André

Landscape near Chatou, 1904-1905

Waterloo Bridge, 1906

The Church in Chatou, 1909

Dufy, Raoul

The Fish Market, Marseille, c. 1904-1905

The Little Palm Tree, 1905

Still-life with Bananas, 1909

At the Races, c. 1930-1935

Ensor, James

Les bons juges , 1891

Theatre of Masks, 1908

Jardin d'amour, 1910

Forain, Jean-Louis Dancers in pink, c. 1905
Gauguin, Paul

In the Henhouse, c. 1878

An Orchard under the Church of Bihorel, 1884

Rue Jouvenet in Rouen, 1884

Street in Rouen, 1884

Lilacs, 1885

The Fire at the River Bank, 1886

Coming and Going, Martinique, 1887

Dogs Running in a Meadow, 1888

Mata Mua (In Olden Times), 1892

Gogh, Vincent van

Molino de agua en Gennep, 1884

Paisaje al atardecer, 1885

Los descargadores en Arles, 1888

Les Vessenots en Auvers, 1890

Guillaumin, Armand

The Bridge of the Archbishop´s Palace and the Apse of Notre-Dame, Paris
ca. 1880

Road at Damiette, 1885

Saint-Palais-la-Pierrière. Low Tide, 1893

Jongkind, Johan

A View of the Harbour, Rotterdam, 1856

Windmill near Delft, 1857

Towpath near Overschie, 1865

Lemmen, Georges

Boy and Girl on a Village Street, c. 1897

The Artist´s Granddaughter with the Governess in the Wannsee Garden, 1923

Luce, Maximilien

Street of Paris, 1886-1888

Factory in the Moonlight, 1898

Thicket, Montmartre, 1904

Bessy, Yonne, the Shaded Path, 1905

Yonne, the Road to Vermenton, 1906

The Outskirts of Rolleboise seen through the Trees, c. 1920-1930

Rolleboise, Resting under a Tree,
c. 1925

Rolleboise, the Entrance of the Village,

Manet, Édouard Horsewoman, Fullface, c. 1882
Manguin, Henri

Model Resting, 1905

The Prints, 1905

Martin, Henri The Sower, c. 1914-1920
Matisse, Henri

Canal du Midi, 1898

The Yellow Flowers, 1902

Conversation under the Olive Trees, 1921

Maufra, Maxime Entrance to the Port on Port-Goulphar, Belle-Île-en-Mer, 1909
Monet, Claude

The Thaw at Vétheuil, 1880

The Hut in Trouville, Low Tide, 1881

Low Tide at Varengeville, 1882

Charing Cross Bridge, 1899

The House among the Roses, 1925

Morisot, Berthe

The Cheval-Glass, 1876

Reclining Nude Shepherdess, 1891

Nolde, Emil

Summer Afternoon, 1903

Red Flowers, 1906

Marsh Bridge, 1910

Summer Clouds, 1913

Autumn Evening, 1924

Glowing Sunflowers, 1936

Pissarro, Camille

Route, Winter and Snow, c. 1870

The Woods at Marly, 1871

The Cabbage Field, Pontoise, 1873

The Meadows at Éragny, Apple Tree, 1894

The Orchard at Éragny, 1896

Rue Saint-Honoré in the Afternoon. Effect of Rain, 1897

Redon, Odilon The Distributer of Crowns, c. 1882
Regoyos y Valdés, Darío de

Snowy Landscape by Night. Haarlem, 1886

Landscape at Hernani, c. 1900

The Passing of the Train , 1902

The Almond Trees in Blossom, 1905

La Concha, Night-time, c. 1906

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste

Woman with parasol in a garden, 1875

Wheat Field, 1879

Robinson, Theodore

The Old Bridge, 1890

Capri, 1890

Rysselberghe, Théo van

The Mansur Gate in Meknes, Morocco, 1887

Entrance to the Port of Volendam,
c. 1896

Sargent , John Singer

Venetian Onion Seller, c. 1880-1882

Portrait of Millicent, Duchess of Sutherland, 1904

Ilex Wood. Majorca, 1908

Sérusier, Paul Two Breton Women under an Apple Tree in Flower , 1892
Signac, Paul Port-en-Bessin, 1884
Sisley, Alfred

Flood at Port-Marly, 1876

One afternoon in Moret, End of October, 1888

A forest clearing, 1895

Meander in the river Loing. Summer, 1896

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de

The Jockeys, 1882

La Rousse in a White Blouse, 1889

Gaston Bonnefoy, 1891

Yvette Guilbert, 1893

Valtat, Louis Skaters in Winter (The Garden of the Petit Trianón in Versailles) , c. 1900
Vlaminck, Maurice de

Blue vase with flowers, c. 1906

Fields, Rueil, c. 1906-1907

Bunch of Flowers, c. 1909

Vuillard, Édouard

The Singer, 1891-1892

Beneath the Trees, 1897-1899

Whistler, James Rose et or: La Napolitaine, c. 1897














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