July, 2010


31.07.10 National Gallery of Art hosts Edvard Munch ~ Master Prints
by Charlie Finch
31.07.10 The Art Gamble
31.07.10 Vanitas Fare: An Exhibition of Death's Heads Comes to Paris
31.07.10 Exhibitionist: The week's art shows in pictures
31.07.10 Flesh in Venice: why there's no one like Titian
31.07.10 This week's new exhibitions
31.07.10 Special events, August
31.07.10 Events, August
31.07.10 Auctions, August
31.07.10 Exhibitions, August
29.07.10 Painting at Center of Caravaggio Mystery Unveiled in Rome
29.07.10 Maximilien Luce Retrospective at Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny
29.07.10 Experts sceptical about Vatican's attribution of 'Caravaggio' painting
29.07.10 New "Fair Use" Rules Promise Open Season in Academia
29.07.10 Oligarch Vikselberg Plans Suit Against Christie's Over Alleged Forgery
29.07.10 In New York: Gallery Openings this Week
29.07.10 Vatican unveils 'new Caravaggio' – but art experts say it's an impostor
28.07.10 FIAC Promises International Prestige and Parisian Savoir-Faire
28.07.10 Brainstem & Spinal Cord Images Hidden in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel Fresco
28.07.10 Le Havre Contemporary Art Biennale to Feature Comics & Contemporary Art

28.07.10 Hungary Hit with Enormous Nazi Loot Claim

28.07.10 Dom Pérignon Drinks to Warhol in New Campaign
28.07.10 Exploring the "Routes of Arabia": A Q&A with Louvre Curator Carine Juvin
28.07.10 Murakami Headlines Guggenheim Judges, YouTube Perplexed by Nude Art, Et Al.
27.07.10 The Vatican Reverses Itself - "The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence" - Not a Caravaggio
27.07.10 Caravaggio: how he influenced my art
27.07.10 Impressionists: Bringing gardens to the foreground
26.07.2010 Musée Maillol Announces Exhibition of Treasures of the Medicis
26.07.2010 The Wallace Collection Announces French Drawings from Poussin to Seurat
26.07.2010 Ultimate Trophy
26.07.2010 Let's cut the arts budget
26.07.2010This week's new exhibitions (UK)
26.07.10 Great Works: Lordship Lane Station, Dulwich (1871), Camille Pissarro
23.07.10 Oligarch Viktor Vekselberg sues Christie's over 'fake' painting
23.07.10 The greatest Da Vinci show ever seen
23.07.10 400 years after his death, Caravaggio work is found
23.07.10 What Are New York's Richest Cultural Groups?
23.07.10 Vatican prepares to open room devoted to Matisse
23.07.10 The Warburg Institute is fighting for its life
21.07.10 Who is behind the great stately home art sell-off
21.07.10 Leopold Museum Explores Love, Fear and Death in Edvard Munch's Work
21.07.10 New Christie's Editions Fair Joins a Crowded Frieze Week
21.07.10 MoMA Features Pivotal Moments in Henri Matisse's Radical Invention
21.07.10 Quantitative Chemical Analysis Sheds New Light on Leonardo Da Vinci's Faces
21.07.10 Restored Leonardo Masterpiece on Display at the National Gallery in London
13.07.10 Slammed with Fines, Russian Curators Escape Prison Sentence
13.07.10 Russian Curators Convicted Today of Inciting Religious Hatred
12.07.10 UK Appeal to Secure First British Portrait of a Black African Muslim
12.07.10 The Millenary Maya Stela will Be Complete Again After 2,000 Years
09.07.10 Staedel Museum Rediscovers Kirchner Nude in Basement
09.07.10 Will the Getty Get to Keep Its Turner?
09.07.10 London Old Master Auctions Spin Sterling, But Not Golden, Sales
09.07.10 In London contemporary sales, who dares, wins
Christie’s more adventurous sale encourages bidding but market remains vulnerable
09.07.10 Turner oil breaks artist record
08.07.10 Artnet News
July 8, 2010
07.07.10 With a Rubens "Commander" in Charge, Christie's Old Master Sale Nets $64.3 Million
07.07.10 James Ensor's Innovative and Profound Paintings on View at Musée d'Orsay
07.07.10 Monet and Abstraction on View at Musée Marmottan Monet
05.07.10 Charles Saatchi gives gallery to nation





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