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Eugène Carrière (1849 – 1906)





January 16, 1849  Eugène Anatole Carrière is born at Gournay, Seine-et-Marne            

1851 Moves to Strasbourg            

1862 Attends courses at the Strasbourg Academy and wins regular prizes            

1864 - 1867 Works with the lithographer, Auguste Munch            

1868 Leaves Strasbourg for Saint-Quentin to work for the lithographer Moureau Sees portraits by Quentin La Tour in the Musée Lucyer and joins the La Tour school            

1870  Unable to return to Strasbourg then besieged by Germans, enlists and joins garrison of Neuf-Brisach and taken prisoner and interned at Dresden where he visits the Dresden museums            

1871 Returns to Strasbourg            

1872 Moves to Paris and re-enters l'Eocle des Beaux-Arts with a grant from the Department of Seine-et-Oise. Works in the studio of Jules Chéret            

1877 Marries Sophie Desmousseaux, daughter of a Paris tanner. Obtains first prize for a drawing and his name is put forward for the Prix de Rome            

1877 - 1878 Goes to London with his wife and works for Marcus Ward & Co.
Birth of his daughter, Elise            

1878 Exhibits Le Premier Voile at the salon and it is acquired by the state            

1881 Birth of his first son, Eugene Leon Carriere (died 1885)            

1882 Birth of Marguerite            

1885 The Sick Child gains a medal at the Salon and is bought by the state            

1886 Birth of Nelly            

1887 Travels to Belgium and Holland to see Rembrandts with Jean-Louis Henri Devillez            

1888 Birth of son, Jean-Rene            

1889 Birth of Lucie. Represented at the Exposition Universelle and made Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur by Georges Clemenceau            

1890 Leaves the Salon des Artistes Francais and associates himself with the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts            

1891 One man exhibition which includes his portrait of Gauguin and attends Gauguins's farewell banquet before he leaves for Tahiti, and Gauguin offers him his portrait in exchange            

1894  Lithographs for L'Estampe Originale            

1895 Writes the preface for the Art Nouveau exhibition at the Galerie Bing. Exhibits in Brussels, Geneva and London. First of a regular series of winter visits to Pau, which continue until 1902            

1898 Travels in Spain with Devillez. Sets up Academie Carriere, Cours du Vieux-Colombier, attended by Matisse, Derain, Puy and others            

1899 Birth of Arsene Carriere            

1900 Exhibition at Bernheim-Jeune, rue Laffitte            

1902 Undergoes the first operation for cancer of the throat            

1903 Travels in Italy. Becomes first President of the newly founded Salon d'Automne. In December a banquet is held in his honour with 500 guests            

1905 Second throat operation, although in still at work on portraits and decorative panels            

March 27, 1906 Dies           


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