Édouard Manet (1832-1883)





1832 Born in  Paris on 23 January; father is official in the Ministry of Justice, mother is a daughter of a diplomat in Stockholm.

1838 Manet is sent to the Institute Poiloup at Vaugirard until 1840.

1850 Joins the list of copyists at the Louvre, as a pupil of Thomas Couture. Enters Couture’s studio in September.

1852 Birth of Leon-Edouard Koella, known as Leenhoff, presumed son of Manet. Continuous copying in the Louvre. Goes to Holland where he visits Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

1853 Manet travels to Kassel, Dresden, Prague, Vienna and Munich. Goes to Normandy, and then to Italy with his brother Eugene. Visits Florence and Rome.

1855 Visits Delacroix in his studio in the rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette.

1856 Manet leaves Couture’s studio, and sets up with a friend, in a studio in the rue Lavoisier.

1857 Monet meets Fantin-Latour at the Louvre. Continues to copy masterpieces in the Louvre. Travels to Italy with Eugene Brunet.

1859 The Absinthe Drinker turned down despite Delacroix’s opinion. Leaves the rue Lavoisier studio for the rue de la Victoire. Registers himself at the Louvre as an artist copyist. Meets Degas.

1860 Leaves studio after his young assistant hangs himself (inspiring Baudelaire’s The Rope). Moves into rue de Douai, finding an apartment with his partner, Suzanne, and his son Leon in Batignolles.

1862 Manet founds Soc. of Etchers with Bracquemond, Jongkind, Fantin-Latour, Stevens, Chevalier, Legros and Ribot. Frequents Café Tortoni. Paints Spanish dancers. Death of his father. Meets Victorine Meurent.

1863 Exhibits at the Martinet gallery. Illustrates Astruc’s courtship with Lola de Valence.  Founding of the Salon des Refuses. Marries Suzanne Leenhoff at Zalt-Bommel, Holland.

1864 Shows Episode from Bullfight and Christ and the Angels at the Salon. Moves into an apartment at 34 boulevard des Batignolles.

1865 Shows Jesus Mocked by Soldiers and Olympia at the Salon. Paintings turned down by Royal Academy. Frequents Café de Bade. Visits Spain. Spends summer in Sarthe. Falls ill in cholera epidemic.

1866 Meets Cezanne , then Monet. Exhibits at Bordeaux. Frequents Café Guerbois. Moves with his family to 49 rue Saint-Petersbourg.

1867 Zola publishes a critical piece on Manet. Decides to organise a one-man show near the Champ-de-Mars.

1868 Zola sits for portrait. Manet goes to London to sell pictures. Meets Gambetta at Café de Londres, Morisot sisters through Fantin-Latour.

1870 Fights a duel with Duranty over an article. Sits for Bazille. The family moves to Oloron-Sainte-Marie; he joins artillery of National Guard.

1871 He goes to Oloron-Sainte-Marie, then to Bordeaux, Arcachon and Tours. Elected to the artist’s committee of the Commune. Returns to Paris at the end of May. Fails to get Gambett to sit for him.

1872 Durand-Ruel buys 24 canvasses.

1873 Manet goes to Etaples and Berck-sur-Mer with the family. He is back in Paris, where he meets Mallarme.

1875 Manet goes to Venice with Tissot.

1878 Plans a private exhibition on the edge of International Exhibition. Moves with his family to 49 rue Saint-Petersbourg, and has his studio at 70 rue d’Amsterdam.

1879 He plans decoration of new Hotel de Ville. He quarrels with Zola. Takes a cure at Bellevue.

1880 Manet rests at Bellevue, following a course of hydrotherapy.

1881 Manet becomes Chevalier de la Legion d’honneur.

1882 Health worsens. Manet stays at Rueil.

1883 Manet dies on 30 April. Buried at a cemetery at Passy.


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