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John Singer Sargent (1856 – 1925)





January 12, 1856 John Singer Sargent is born in Florence, Italy

1868 John temporarily attends a school run by an English clergyman and wife in Nice

1871 The family moves to Dresden in November, where Sargent studies Latin, Greek, German, mathematics, geography, and history in preparation for the entrance exam to Das Gymnasium zum Heilige Kreuz. He also does some copy work in the Albertina. His studies are interrupted in the spring, and the family travels in Germany, returning to Florence in September

1873 In October, John enrolls in the Accademia delle Belle Arti, Florence where he meets American artists Walter Launt Palmer, Edwin White, Frank Fowler and English artists Edward Clifford and Heath Wilson. The school closes in December, and reopens in March of 1874

1974 Instead of going to Venice for the summer, the family comes to Paris on May 16. Subsequently Sargent is enrolled in Carolus-Duran's atelier on May 30. On July 3 the atelier closes for the summer.  In September Sargent prepares for the concours des places at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He passes the exams on October 27.  Meets American artist Julian Alden Weir and begins to work in the studio of another American artist, James Carroll Beckwith. His fellow students are Stephen Parker Hills and Robert C. Hinckley.  Sargent sails to America with his mother and sister Emily. He visits the Centennial exhibition in Philadelphia and paints his aunt, Mrs. Emily Sargent Pleasants and Admiral Case's son-in-law, Charles Deering in Newport

1875 Sargent passes the concours for the second time matriculates at the Ecole. He continues to work at Beckwith studio and at the Carolus-Duran's atelier

1876 Possible meeting with Monet at Durand-Ruel's gallery in April

1877 Upon his return to the Ecole in November 1876, Sargent once again passes the concours in March.
Sargent is elected as a juryman for the new Association of American Artists, founded in June 1877 and later renamed Society of American Artists

1878 Exhibits "Fishing for Oysters at Cancale" at the first Society of American Artists exhibition in New York. The work is purchased by artist Samuel Coleman for $200

1880 "Madame Edouard Pailleron" and "Fumee d'ambre gris" are exhibited at the Salon in May

1881 Exhibits a profile of Capri girl and a small portrait of Edward Burckhardt at the Society of American Artists, New York, March-April.  Exhibits "The Pailleron Children", "Madame Ramon Subercaseaux" and two watercolours at the Salon in May. Recieves a second class medal.  Sargent and Vernon Lee visit Burne-Jones in his Fulham studio

1882 "El Jaleo" and "Lady with the Rose" are exhibited at the Salon in May, while "Dr. Pozzi" is shown at the Royal Academy". "El Jaleo" is shown later in the year in New York and Boston

1883 He exhibits works at the Fine Art Society, London, Society of American Artists, NY, and the Salon

1884 "Dr. Pozzi" is exhibited at Les XX, Brussels in February.  Sargent meets Henry James in Paris, who within months takes a series interest in the artist's career. They attend Sir Joshua Reynolds exhibition at the Grosvenor Gallery and visit the studios of Frederic Leighton and John Everett Millais in March.  In May "Madame X" is shown at the Salon and "Mrs. Henry White" at the Royal Academy

1885 Galerie Georges Petit exhibition opens on May 15, where Sargent's three portraits and "Le Verre de porto" are exhibited alongside ten works by Monet. In the summer, probably visits Monet at Giverny, where he paints "Claude Monet, painting, by the edge of a wood"

1886  Elected member of the selection committee for the Society of American Artists.  Sargent decides to settle permanently in London. In early summer, he packs the Paris studio and makes the move

1887  "Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose" and "Mrs. William Playfair" are on view at the Royal Academy in May.  Upon returning to London in June, Sargent signs a three year lease for his studio in Tite Street.  After visiting Monet in Giverny in the summer, Sargent begins to actively acquire paintings by Monet, including "Bennecourt", purchased for 2000 francs and later "Vagues a la Manneporte".  Sails to Boston

1888 First solo exhibition is held at the St Botolph Club, Boston

1889 Sargent and Monet are involved in securing contributions for the subscription to purchase Manet's "Olympia" for the French National Museums, with Sargent himself contributing 1,000 francs.  Sargent has six paintings in the American section of the Exposition Universelle, Paris and is awarded a grand prix. He is also made the Chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur.  On December 4, Sargent sails with sister Violet to New York

1890  Society of American Artists spring annual exhibition in May, includes seven works, with "La Carmencita" displayed in the place of honour

1891 Travels in Upper Egypt during the winter and takes a studio in Cairo where he paints a full-length nude of an Egyptian girl, "Nude Egyptian Girl" in March.  Sargent's travels in Greece and Turkey.  Elected Associate of the National Academy of Design, New York

1892 May exhibition at the Societe nationale des beaux-arts, Paris

1894 Elected an Associate of the Royal Academy

1897 Elected as a full member of the Royal Academy, London and the National Academy of Design, New York.  Sargent visits Italy. He is made an Officier of the French Legion d'honneur

1899 Second solo exhibition is held at Copley Hall (Boston Art Student's Association). It includes fifty-three oil paintings, sixteen drawings and forty-one sketches, some of which are contributed from Sargent's own collection

1900 The Royal Academy exhibits five portraits including the Wyndham sisters in May

1901 Monet and Sargent attend an Impressionist exhibition at the Hanover Gallery, London organized by Durand-Ruel, which includes works by Renoir, Sisley, Pissarro and nine works by Monet himself

1903 In January returns to Boston. Arrives in Washington, D.C. in February

1904 Receives honorary degree from the University of Oxford

1905 Travels to Syria and Palestine in November

1908 Awarded the Berlin order Pour le merite.

1909 Awarded the Order of Merit from France and the Order of Leopold from Belgium

1913 Receives an honorary degree from Cambridge University

1916 Awarded honorary degrees from Yale and Harvard

1924 A retrospective exhibition including thirty-eight portraits and thirty-four subject pictures, opens at the Grand Central Art Galleries, New York on February 23. Sargent helped organize the loan, but doesn't attend the actual opening

April 15, 1925  Sargent dies in his sleep at age sixty-nine



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