James Whistler (1834 – 1903)





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Nocturne: Blue and Gold--Southampton Water, 1872

Oil on canvas, 50.5 x 76 cm

Art Institute of Chicago  

Arrangement in Gray: Portrait of the Painter, c. 1872

Oil on canvas, 74.9 x 53.3 cm

Detroit Institute of Arts  
Thames Nocturne, c. 1872

Oil on canvas, 75.88 x 45.72 cm

Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana  

Nocturne: Blue and Silver - Cremorne Lights , 1872

Oil on canvas, 50.2 x 74.3 cm

Tate Gallery, London  
Miss Maud Franklin, c. 1872-1873

Oil on canvas, 62.7 x 41 cm
Fogg Art Museum  
Arrangement in Black, No. 2: Portrait of Mrs. Louis Huth, 1872-1873

Oil on canvas , 190.5 x 99 cm
Private collection  

Arrangement in Grey and Black, No.2: Portrait of Thomas Carlyle, 1872-1873
Oil on canvas , 171.1 x 143.5 cm

Glasgow Museums  
Harmony in Grey and Peach Colour, 1872-1874

Oil on canvas, 193 x 101 cm
Fogg Art Museum  

Harmony in Grey and Green: Miss Cicely Alexander, 1872-1874

Oil on canvas, 190.2 x 97.8 cm

Tate Gallery, London  
Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Gardens, c. 1872-1875

Oil on canvas, 50.8 x 77.5 cm
Fogg Art Museum  

Nocturne: Blue and Gold - Old Battersea Bridge, c. 1872-1875

Oil on canvas, 68.3 x 51.2 cm

Tate Gallery, London  
Nocturne: Blue and Silver - Bognor, c. 1872-1876
Oil on canvas , 50.17 x 86.04 cm
Freer Gallery of Art  

Miss Agnes Mary Alexander, c. 1873

Oil on canvas, 192.4 x 101.6 cm

Tate Gallery, London  
Colour Scheme for the Dining-Room of Aubrey House, c. 1873

Oil on canvas, 18.42 x 12.7 cm
Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery  

Nocturne in Black and Gold, the Falling Rocket, 1875

Oil on panel, 60.2 x 46.7 cm

Detroit Institute of Arts  

Nocturne, 1875-1880

Oil on canvas, 31.1 x 51.8 cm

Philadelphia Museum of Art  

Arrangement in Black, No. 3: Sir Henry Irving as Philip II of Spain, 1876, reworked 1885

Oil on canvas, 215.3 x 108.6 cm

The Metropolitan Museum of Art  
Nocturne in Grey and Gold: Chelsea Snow, 1876

Oil on canvas, 47 x 62.2 cm
Fogg Art Museum  
Arrangement in White and Black, c. 1876
Oil on canvas , 191.2 x 90.81 cm
Freer Gallery of Art  

Arrangement in Yellow and Grey: Effie Deans, c. 1876-1878

Oil on canvas,194 x 93 cm

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam  



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