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Augustus, John Thomas Hardy, 1923
Bevan, Robert The Polish Tavern, 1901-1903
Boudin, Eugène

The Beach at Trouville, 1873

Low Tide, Portrieux, 1873

Cows in a field under a stormy sky, 1877

The fish-cart, Berck, 1880

Ships at dock, Deauville, 1881

The dock at Le Havre, 1887

The Dutch Dock, Dunquerque, 1889

The jetty and lighthouse at Honfleur, late 1880s


Carrière, Eugène Portrait of his daughter, Lisbeth, 1888

Paul Cézanne


A male nude, 1863

Uncle Dominique in Profile, 1866

The Abduction, 1867

Apples, 1877-1878

Les Bois, Aix-en-Provence, 1890

Still-life flowers in a jar (unfinished) (verso title), 1890

Landscape, 1900

Conder, Charles Mrs Amy Halford
Degas, Edgar

Castel Sant' Elmo, from Capodimonte, c. 1856

The finding of Moses, c. 1860 - 1870

David and Goliath, 1864

Copy after 'The Finding of Moses' by Veronese, late 1860s

At the cafe, circa 1875-1877

Female Dancers in Violet Skirts, their Arms Raised, 1895-1898

Dancer with Tambourine, 4th quarter 19th Century

Arabesque over the Right Leg, Left Arm in Front, late 19th Century

Arabesque over the Right Leg, Left Arm in Front, 1st half 20th century

Horse Walking, early 20th century

Rocks at Bagnoles-De-L'Orne

Elisabeth de Valois' after Antonio Moro

Ceremony of ordination in the Cathedral of Lyons

Fantin-Latour, Henri

White cup and saucer, 1864

Head of a young girl, 1870

White candlestick, 1870

Venus and Cupid

The Entombment, after Titian

Gauguin, Paul Landscape, 1873
Gilman, Harold

Still Life, 1909–1910

Nude on a Bed, c.1914

Gogh, Vincent van L'Allée en Automne (Autumn Landscape), 1885
Grant, Duncan Miss Mary Coss, 1931
John, Gwen The Convalescent , c.1923–1924
Modigliani, Amedeo Portrait of a young woman, seated, c. 1915
Monet, Claude

The Rock Needle and Porte d' Aval, Etretat, 1885

Rocks at Port-Coton, the Lion Rock, Belle Ile, 1886

Le Printemps, 1886

Les Peupliers, 1891

Pissarro, Camille

Road to Port-Marly, 1860 to 1867

Study for 'The banks of the marne', 1864

Piette's house at Montfoucault: snow effect, 1874

Haymaking, 1874

In the Garden at Pontoise: A Young Woman Washing Dishes, 1882

Snowy landscape at Eragny with an apple tree, 1895

Redon, Odilon The chariot of Apollo, 1907-1910
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste

The Gust of Wind, 1872

La Place Clichy, c. 1880

Le retour des champs, 1886

La danse, 1895

La musique, 1895

Study of a Girl, c. 1918-1919

Landscape with figures

Apples and walnuts

Apples and teacup


Study of Flowers

La Collation

Seurat, Georges The Rue St. Vincent, Paris, in Spring, 1884
Sickert, Walter St Mark's, Venice, 1901-1902
Sisley, Alfred

Rue à Louveciennes, 1875-1877

The Flood at Port Marly, 1876

Whistler, James Portrait study of a man, 1890